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Professional Portfolio Demonstrating Excellence in Instruction

VIDEO:  Tips on creating your professional portfolio.

Each faculty member will create a digital portfolio to represent his or her pedagogical knowledge and skills.  Teachers may choose any digital platform they like to host their portfolio.  Many of our current teachers have chosen Padlet, Weebly, WordPress or Squarespace as their platform.  The link to each teacher’s portfolio must be shared with their principal.  Teachers will have the opportunity to present or “show off” their portfolio annually to their principal (getting feedback early is better than waiting until the end of the year).  This presentation of the portfolio is intended to be teacher-driven and elicit constructive feedback.  The portfolio serves as the primary measure of performance for the teacher, but it is really the process of creating the portfolio and the teaching that is reflected by the portfolio that is important.  The process of collecting, reflecting on and presenting the information is intended to be a positive experience that leads to growth.

The minimum requirement is that teachers place four new artifacts in their portfolio each academic year.  An artifact can be as simple as a one paragraph reflection.  Please see below for additional ideas on what artifacts might look like.

Four collaborative sessions will be scheduled throughout the year during which teachers can get feedback from their peers on their teaching and portfolio content. The goal is for the portfolio to be updated during these four sessions since these sessions provide teachers with designated time to focus on the portfolio.  Attendance at all four collaborative feedback sessions is required.

The senior leadership team will assign each person to a group of 5-6 people at the start of the academic year.  Everyone will meet in the same group for the duration of the academic year.  The senior leadership team can provide a framework and/or set of questions which can be used to foster and guide discussion at each collaborative feedback session.

Meeting Focus Groupings Date Time
Set goals and plan classroom observations. Mixed group assigned by Leadership Wednesday, November 2, 2022 2:30-4:00pm
How will achievement of goal be measured?  Plan how to collect data to demonstrate achievement of goals. Develop and upload artifacts to portfolio. Same group as session 1 Wednesday, January 4, 2023 2:30-4:00pm
Discuss progress towards achievement of the goals. Get feedback.  Develop and upload artifacts to portfolio. Same group as session 1 Wednesday, March 1, 2023 2:30-4:00pm
Get final feedback and reflect on how the goals were achieved.  Start thinking about new goals.  Celebrate! Same group as session 1 Wednesday, May 3, 2023 2:30-4:00pm

Link to the IB webpage which describes the IB Standards and Practices in detail.

The artifacts that are placed in the portfolio should be good indicators of the teacher’s professional growth and success.  Ideally, the artifacts chosen should follow up on professional growth goals decided upon at the beginning of the year.  Each artifact should also include a connection to the IB Standards and Practices, ATLs or ATTs.

The professional portfolio may include:   (Can be adapted to fit the unique roles of various faculty positions.)

Essential Artifacts:

  • Goal Setting:  A description of growth areas and a plan for improvement in these areas
  • Observation Records:
    • Observation and follow-up Coaching Session Record from Coordinator focused on planning and instruction OR
    • Observation and follow-up Coaching Session Record from Department Head focused on content knowledge OR
    • Observation and follow-up Coaching Session Record from Principal AND
    • Observation and follow-up Coaching Session Record from a Peer (Note:  ISNS will conduct a monthly whole-school Observation Day when everyone is expected to find someone to observe for 10-15 minutes.  These observation records may be added to your portfolio.)
  • Evidence of how you support or implement the IB Standards and Practices
  • IB Professional Development Certificates

(Standard ISNS Observation Form)

 Additional Artifacts:

  • Evidence showing ongoing use of differentiated instruction
  • A summary of how the teacher has contributed to the school through participation in extra-curricular activities or committees
  • Evidence which shows how the Learner Profile is integrated into lessons
  • Evidence showing the ATLs are included in lesson planning
  • Evidence showing a positive classroom climate and effective classroom management
  • Evidence showing integration of technology or technology innovation
  • Evidence showing effective inquiry-based instruction
  • Evidence showing instruction encourages and supports English language acquisition
  • Evidence showing effective formative assessment and feedback to students
  • Evidence showing effective summative assessment
  • Evidence showing student achievement across the entire classroom
  • A summary of learnings from a PD event the teacher has attended
  • Evidence showing how the teacher put professional learning into practice
  • A Professional Performance Rubric (such as the Charlotte Danielson “Enhancing Professional Practice” as well as the IB professional guidelines) completed by teacher and reviewed by the Principal

Evidence may be in the form of:

  • Pictures, Videos, Audio
  • Written Summaries or Reflections
  • Lesson or Unit Plans
  • Copies of Student Work
  • Rubric Templates
  • Assessments and Results
  • Observation Records and Feedback
  • Classroom Essential Agreements or Policies
  • Notes from Parents
  • Other items that demonstrate effective teaching and learning

A training session will be held during teacher orientation in August so that the expectations are clear and examples of evidence can be shared. Teachers are welcome to tailor their portfolio to fit their own passions, personality and style.

The ISNS Professional Portfolio System is designed to be: 

  • A safe place to share professional accomplishments and learnings.
  • Focused on growth.
  • Not a burden or another hurdle.
  • Compiled in collaboration with colleagues.
  • A means to get feedback from colleagues.
  • A reflection of the reality in the classroom.
  • A means for self-reflection.
  • Simple and easy to create.
  • A place where teachers have choice regarding what and how they present themselves as a professional to their principal and others.
  • A bottom-up rather than top-down means of evaluation.
  • Meaningful and not redundant.
  • Taken with you.  A portfolio will be a great way to further your career.


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