Academic Integrity Policy


ISNS values honesty and academic integrity. We encourage and expect all students to conduct themselves in a responsible manner. Honesty and integrity are basic, desirable character traits as recognized in our Code of Conduct and the IB Learner Profile. ISNS believes that teaching students about academic and personal honesty is a fundamental part of a student’s education.

It is expected that students will demonstrate academic honesty at all times as outlined in school policy. Each student in the MYP and DP Programmes is asked to sign in acknowledgement of this policy as they enter grade six or upon enrollment in the school.


In addition to policies and procedures implemented by ISNS, there are serious consequences imposed by the International Baccalaureate Organization for academic misconduct.  Students found to have submitted plagiarized or dishonestly produced academic work assessed by the IBO will fail to receive a grade in the subject concerned, and will fail to receive an IB diploma as a result.  IBDP students will be expected to formally acknowledge the IB Academic Integrity Policy.

Teacher Responsibilities with Regard to Academic Integrity:

  • Introduce the Academic Integrity Policy to students in the first term of each academic year clearly informing them about how academic misconduct will be investigated and how subsequent actions will be taken. Students will attend academic integrity workshops at key stages of their program in Grades 9 and 11.
  • Ensure that academic integrity, study skills and referencing skills are taught within the curriculum throughout the school at all grade levels. These skills are to be developed in a progressive manner, from one level to the next, and are to be age and program appropriate.  Grade Level Leaders will ensure that instruction of these skills takes place in a consistent manner.
  • Follow the school referencing system (MLA 7 or numerate).
  • Ensure promotion of the Academic Integrity Policy amongst all students.
  • Carry out the appropriate disciplinary procedures if any violation of the Academic Integrity Policy occurs.
  • Report any incident of academic misconduct and subsequent sanctions to parents.
  • Inform MYP and DP student about the use of Students are expected to check their own work and to ensure that it is correctly referenced.