The policies and procedures related to guests and visitors exist to allow residents to have guests in a manner that does not infringe upon the comfort or rights of other residents and to maintain an appropriate level of safety and security in the building. Regardless of length of stay, the guest is expected to abide by all ISNS policies, procedures, regulations and standards. The host is legally and financially responsible for the actions of his/her guests at all times. Any guest who violates any policy while on campus is subject to penalties and will be asked to leave. ISNS has the right to ban any guest.

The following procedures and conditions must be carried out and met when inviting a guest on campus. It is the responsibility of the host to meet his/her guest at the school gates and to remain with that person at all times when the guest is on campus.  Hosts are responsible for knowing the whereabouts of their guests at all times.  All guests must register at the security station by signing the registration book and having a digital scan made of a valid form of current identification.  Each guest will be provided with a Visitor’s ID badge (unless large numbers of visitors make this impossible). When the guest leaves the campus they must be escorted to the front gates by the host and must sign out of the guest registration book.

Visitors who are not entering campus on school business, but to assist a resident with personal items (such as cleaning staff, maintenance workers, yoga instructors, beauticians, etc.) may only be on campus outside of school hours (after 4:00pm). For the safety of the students we want to limit the number of external visitors who enter campus while children are present.  Visitors who are on campus to provide child care for teacher’s children under the age of three are permitted to be on campus during school hours with prior approval from the School Affairs office if they have insurance and a criminal background check.

If a visitor will be coming on campus regularly, we would like to have them sign a disclaimer indicating they are aware that the school’s insurance does not cover them.  This disclaimer form can be obtained from the School Affairs Office.

The school is not liable for any injury or issue involving a visitor that may occur.

You are welcome to take family members and close friends on a brief tour of the school buildings or to meet people during school hours.  However, family members and friends who are not a part of the ISNS staff should not be in the school buildings to assist or “hang out” during working hours.  Keep in mind that all employees at ISNS have had a background check, while guests likely have not.

Overnight Guests

An overnight guest is anyone who visits between the hours of 10:00pm and 7:00am, regardless of whether they stay for several hours, or sleep in the room overnight.  All overnight guests must be registered with the School Affairs office and be registered with the local authorities.

Residents must submit the following documents when inviting an overnight guest:

  • An Overnight Guest Form must be submitted to the School Affairs Office by 4:00pm of the day the overnight guest will arrive. You can obtain an Overnight Guest Form at the School Affairs Office.
  • All overnight visitors must be registered with the local police.  They must show their passport and submit a copy of their passport photo page, visa page(s), and page that contains their latest China entry stamp to the local authorities according to government regulations.
  • Failure to complete and submit the form and required documents in a timely manner will result in a RMB500 penalty, to be paid within 72 hours of guest arrival.

Partners of Residents not employed by ISNS

Regarding individuals such as non-married partners of employees living in the ISNS Residence long-term, we request that the individual:

  • Obtain permission to reside on campus from the Head of School and Director of Operations.
  • Submit a copy of his/her passport and a copy of his/her criminal background check to the School Affairs Office (R107).
  • Sign an agreement with the school to the abide to rules of the residence.   This agreement can be obtained from the School Affairs Office (R107).

Furthermore, the ISNS/SCCSC staff member needs to acknowledge that he/she is fully responsible for the apartment and the actions of the partner while on the ISNS campus.

Long-Term Guests

Long-term guests should not stay more than one month.  Exceptions may include extended family members or relatives who are acting as a nanny for a teacher’s child under the age of three.  Anyone who stays on campus for more than one month is no longer considered to be a guest and special permission from the Head of School and School Affairs office must be sought in order for them to be considered as a resident.  Extended family members and relatives are not permitted to live on campus and cannot become residents.  Long-term guests or relatives must have insurance coverage for emergencies during their entire stay, whatever the length.

Security Notice

For your information, the security team maintains 24 hour protection of the campus as well as surveillance cameras in all hallways and common areas.