Access to the Residence Building and Apartments

Access to the Residence Building and Apartments

Upon your arrival you will receive your room information, an access card and a key.  Initially you will be provided with a visitor’s access card until a time has been arranged with IT to have your photo taken to create a permanent Staff ID card.  If you are just visiting with us, your visitor’s card will be all that is required for you to operate the elevators and identify you to the guards for entrance to the campus.  Please understand that it is your responsibility to carry your ID card and key with you at all times.

Residents will need to use the school-issued photo ID card to enter the school compound, operate the elevators and enter the residence building.  Parents must accompany children under the age of 12 in the building and elevator.  Children of staff who are below the age of 12 will not be given individual access to the building or elevator using their own student ID cards.  The IT department handles all issues regarding ID cards. Lost or stolen ID cards should be reported immediately.  Replacement cost for the photo ID is 50RMB.

Residents will use a standard key that is issued to them to access their individual residence rooms.  If a resident would like to have additional copies of these keys, they must be obtained by the resident from an outside source at their own expense. Please do not install any additional lock(s) on your room.  Our staff may, in the event of an emergency, need to enter your residence.  The maintenance staff will contact you beforehand to obtain your permission if they should need to enter your room.  If you are in the room, locking the deadbolt (the bottom lock of the two installed on the door) prevents anyone from entering even with a key.  If you experience difficulty with keys of locks, please go to room R104 of the residence building.  You may require to fill out a work order so the issue can be tracked.   The General Affairs Department handles all issues related to keys.  Lost or stolen keys should be reported immediately.  Cost to replace a lost key is 20RMB.


If you are locked out of your apartment between the hours of 8:00am and 5:00pm, Monday through Friday, please go to the General Affairs Office.  A temporary key will be issued (proof of valid identification may be required).  If the resident does not return this key within 15 minutes of issue, the replacement key fee of 20RMB will be charged.  For lock-outs after business hours, residents must seek out the maintenance staff in room R104 or the security guards at the front gate.  Any resident who continuously gets locked out of their room will be charged a service fee of 5RMB for each time assistance is required following the 2nd lock out.


All ID cards and keys are properties of ISNS and must be returned when you finish your stay with us.