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Note:  The Faculty Handbook is an extension of the employment contract.   Teachers should carefully read and understand all items outlined in the Faculty Handbook.  Updates will be made to policies and procedures in the Faculty Handbook as needed.  Notification of significant changes, those that effect the meaning or spirit of this document, will be communicated to teachers when such changes are made.  Teachers agree to comply with all changes and new policies upon being properly notified.  Any teacher may propose changes to the Faculty Handbook by submitting a written proposal to the Head of School.

The STUDENT AND PARENT HANDBOOK contains additional policies and procedures that are essential for teachers to understand. All teachers must understand and adhere to these policies and procedures as well.

Disclaimer:  This handbook does not cover every aspect of employment, work condition, standard or expectation.  As situations arise, additional policies and procedures may be developed to help teachers and the Leadership Team minimize conflict and increase subjectivity.  School policies are included in this handbook for your reference.  Teachers are urged to recommend additional items that might be included in this handbook.