Student Attendance

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Attendance Procedures

Homeroom teachers should take attendance daily using ManageBac before 8:30am.  If a teacher is absent, he or she should remind the substitute to take attendance.

Students who are late for school, arriving after 8:10AM, should scan their card at the front gate or get a tardy slip from the front desk before coming to class.   An attendance report is sent by the receptionists to all staff at around 9:00am so that everyone can confirm who is present.  If you have any questions about the report, please feel free to send email to or message the receptionists on Teams.

Please encourage parents to report absences for their children via Managebac.  This saves time and energy on everyone’s part.

If you know the reasons why a student is absent please explain the reason in the comments box in Managebec so that we don’t bother the parents with a follow up phone call.

For those students who need to leave school early, they must sign out at the reception desk and obtain a leave slip to present the guards upon departure.  If you know in advance that a student will be leaving early, please notify the receptionists so they know that permission has been previously given (via email or Teams.

If you have a trip or outing planned, please accompany children to the lobby or give the receptionists a list of names of those students who will be off campus.

The school buses will be arranged according to students’ extracurricular activities (such as after-school basketball/music/football training etc.).  You help is needed in communicating when a student will not be participating in such activities or if there is a change in schedule for some reason that effects who will be riding the bus.

The attendance secretaries will generate a report at least monthly so that principals can follow up on excessive tardiness or absences.  Principals may generate an attendance report from ManageBac any time they choose.

Attendance Procedures for Substitute Teachers

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Attendance 3

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