After-School Tutoring

ISNS Tutoring Program Guidelines for Tutors


The ISNS Tutoring Program is designed to provide one-to-one instruction for students who need extra support or students who would like an extra challenge.  Tutoring sessions will be custom tailored to fit the student’s needs.   

Pay and Facility Usage

  • Tutors get paid: 350 RMB per one hour session. 
  • Cost to student: 400 RMB per one hour session. 
  • Coordinators get paid: 350 RMB per week. 
  • School will collect: 400 RMB per hour. 

Tutoring Coordinators

  • LPYP : Yimmy Cai 
  • UPYP: Sophie Zhu  
  • MYP/DP: Chien Webb (Tutoring Coordinator)  
  • Mandarin: Ms. Joyce Zhao  

Tutoring Fees

Cost to student: 400 RMB per one hour session. One-to-One sessions only.  

General Guidelines

  • Priority for tutoring should be given to students with tutoring needs identified by a teacher or administrator 
  • Teachers wishing to be considered as a tutor should submit their name to the Tutoring Program Coordinators at the start of the academic year with the subjects they prefer to teach.  A pool of tutoring candidates will be kept by the coordinators accordingly.   
  • The setting is one to one, except in the cases of twin or triplet siblings. This will need prior approval from the Head of School. No group classes should be scheduled. If the need arises these will be handled as part of the ASA program. 
  • Attendance will be taken in ManageBac by the tutor – parents will receive an automatic e-mail receipt from ManageBac.   
  • Teachers may not tutor during meeting times or other school events which they should attend as part of their ordinary professional responsibilities.  Teachers may have their tutoring privilege revoked if they do not follow this guideline. 
  • Acceptable tutoring hours are from 4pm to 6:30pm Monday – Friday. If the session is scheduled to begin at 3:30, it is expected that the tutor will make up the 30 minutes on another day. Work hours are from 7:45 to 4pm. It is not ethical to begin your session at 3:30 during regular school hours.  
  • Tutoring must be done on the ISNS campus in a location where both the tutor and student are always visible.  A classroom with the windows uncovered, providing a clear view to the hallway is recommended.  The library study room or other rooms with low visibility are not to be used for tutoring sessions. All ISNS child protection policies must be followed.  No tutoring off campus or within the residence building will be permitted.   
  • The tutor is responsible for ensuring the student is picked-up safely or sent home according to the parent’s instructions when each tutoring session is finished.  If a legal guardian is consistently late, the parent will be charged a tutoring session for the excessive waiting time. 
  • Tutors will be limited to a maximum of three sessions a week in order to allow a broader cross section of the staff to be involved in the program.  
  • Tutoring on weekends and holidays is permitted if it is conducted in the main building. 
  • Coordinators are responsible for keeping track of locations and schedules. If a tutor changes their schedule or location, they should notify the coordinator.  
  • If a tutor must cancel a tutoring session, they should give at least 24 hours’ notice to the student and legal guardians. 
  • If a student does not show up for a scheduled tutoring session or gives notice of cancellation less than four hours in advance, the legal guardian will be charged for the session.   
  • Most concerns will be handled by the tutoring coordinators. The tutoring coordinators are responsible for ensuring that they have fully investigated the concern before bringing the concern to the student’s respective principal.  

Teaching/Documentation Guidelines

  • Students who are “required” to receive tutoring by as administrator or students on the student support roster will require the tutor to do a bit more communication. Example, a student may be required to do Nessy for 15 minutes within the session. The tutor may be asked to give anecdotal impressions of the student’s progress or asked to link the sessions to the student’s documented needs.  
  • Content of tutoring sessions is based upon an agreement between the tutor and the legal guardian of the child being tutored and can be informed by the Homeroom (PYP) or subject teachers where appropriate. 
  • It is the responsibility of the tutor to ensure they are providing a worthwhile service to the student. Tutors must record basic information about their sessions by creating tasks on ManageBac. Legal guardians should be able to know what is being taught in the tutoring sessions. 
  • It is the responsibility of the tutor to ensure that the tasks are engaging the student and relevant to the content support intended. Students should be given the tutor’s full attention at all times.  
  • The tutor coordinators will provide support on how to document the session tasks or upload document in Managebac.  
  • Tutors should provide legal guardians with reasonable feedback about the student’s progress or engagement when asked to do so.  
  • ISNS is a well-resourced school. We encourage teachers to borrow resources or use the digital resources we have. It is the responsibility of the tutor to seek out and obtain appropriate permissions for any resource in any department. Resources used are the sole responsibility of the tutor.  The tutor will bear all costs associated with replacing or repairing the resource as the result of negligence.  
  • Tutoring should not detract from a teacher’s regular teaching responsibilities or participation in extracurricular activities.  Tutoring does not count as participation in an extracurricular activity.