Counselling Services for Faculty

Self Care

ISNS Faculty are encourage to care for their mental and emotional well-being.  Living overseas can be highly stressful.  If at any time a member of the ISNS community is overwhelmed and unable to cope with mental strain or emotional issues, he or she should seek professional help.  The medical insurance provided by the school covers mental health services.

Counselling of Faculty at ISNS

The following protocol for counselling services for faculty at ISNS is designed to ensure that appropriate professional relationships are maintained, to ensure a positive school climate and to protect the counselling staff from being put into a situation which is detrimental to themselves or the school.

  1. Counsellors are employed first and foremost to serve the students.
  2. Faculty and staff may seek advice (one time consultation) from the ISNS counsellors regarding personal matters or matters associated with living overseas if the counselling staff is available.  However, faculty and staff are encouraged to seek counselling outside of ISNS whenever possible in order to maintain a healthy separation of personal and professional life.
  3. Faculty and staff should not develop a counselling relationship with the counsellor in their own division in order to avoid developing a relationship that may later lead to a conflict of interest.  Again, seeking help from an outside professional is best.
  4. Faculty and staff should not seek counselling from the ISNS counselling staff regarding work-related matters.
  5. If a conflict or issue arises between faculty members, faculty members should always directly approach (or put in writing to) the person with who they have a complaint or grievance.  If the issue cannot be resolved using direct approach, then the issue is to be taken to an immediate supervisor. The counsellor is not in the chain of reporting for such cases.  The counsellor may serve as a mediator with permission of their direct supervisor if staff members request and agree upon such an arrangement.
  6. Counselling staff have a professional obligation to report to the Head of School regarding any faculty or staff member who is a danger to themselves or others (especially children) or who cannot performer their duties to serve children.  All other matters must be kept confidential by the counsellor.
  7. Counsellors have a professional obligation to not develop a bias against any faculty member as the result of what is told them in a counselling session.
  8. It is not the role of the counsellor to monitor or supervise faculty.