Policies for Professional Relationships with Family Members

Leadership Members who Supervise their Partner or Spouse

This policy is in place to ensure that fair and equal treatment of employees is carried out by any leadership team member who directly or indirectly supervises his or her spouse.

  • No leadership team member should give special treatment or show any favor to his or her partner/spouse while in a working role.
  • All staff under the supervision of any leadership team member must receive the same praise and consequences for actions that are equal.
  • Every leadership team member must devote equal time, resources and energy to each individual he or she supervises.
  • Should a problem or dispute arise involving the partner/spouse of the leadership team member which could create a conflict of interest, the incident will be handled by the Head of School, not the supervising partner/spouse.
  • Should the professional competence or conduct of the partner/spouse be unsatisfactory, the Head of School will follow up with an improvement plan and subsequent actions if necessary.

Chain of reporting:  If a situation arises in which an employee feels that the above policies have been violated in any way, he or she has an obligation to first directly notify the leadership team member involved, in a respectful and constructive manner.   If the situation is not rectified, the employee may go to the next level supervisor to report the issue.

Faculty who have a Child Enrolled at ISNS

This policy is in place to ensure that faculty members who are also parents of a child at ISNS maintain the appropriate separation and clarity between their role as an educator and their role as a parent.

  • Faculty-parents must clearly separate their role as parent from their role as an education professional. If a faculty-parent has any question with regards to what is appropriate and what is not, he or she should consult with their immediate supervisor.
  • Faculty-parents should clearly indicate when they are acting or communicating as a parent during interactions with their child’s teacher or administrator.
  • Faculty-parents should not have their child in their classroom or work environment during working hours (7:45am-4:00pm).
  • Faculty-parents must go through the proper channels and procedures when interacting with their child’s teacher(s). They should use Seesaw or the teacher’s official school e-mail to contact their child’s teacher(s) and make an appointment if they would like to communicate in person. Faculty-parents should not approach their child’s teacher to discuss their child outside of school hours or in the residence building.
  • Faculty-parents must not use their position in the school to provide any kind of advantage for their child that other students do not have.
  • Faculty-parents must not access or share confidential school data or information with any other parent, individual or organization outside of ISNS without permission from their supervisor.
  • Faculty-parents must not access confidential school data for their child or other children for use as a parent.
  • Faculty-parents cannot choose or influence their child’s homeroom placement or academic placements.
  • Faculty-parents must not become involved in any dispute or action against the school even if acting in the parent role. Faculty-parents must go through the proper channels, according to their role as an educator, if they have a grievance or complaint.