Home Learning



Home Learning is one of many tools that teachers can employ to help students achieve success. At the beginning of each year, teachers are expected to inform students how Home Learning contributes towards the student learning report.  Home Learning is part of the formative learning process.  It supports students’ understanding by reinforcing, extending and enriching the classroom learning.  Home Learning can be valuable for those students who think better in a quiet, individual setting.  Home learning is way to involve parents in their child’s learning.

Home Learning Time Management:

It is expected that students will participate in Home Learning. The amount of Home Learning a student is to complete will increase as the students move through to the higher grades. Students are expected to manage their Home Learning schedules and should not leave work to the very last minute.  If students are faced with too much Home Learning at any given time, they are encouraged to talk to their teachers in order to resolve the issue and adjust deadlines.