Logistics and Resources


Teachers may reserve a venue within the school by using the Outlook Calendar system that is a part of the Microsoft Office 365 package or by contacting the Academic Office.  The General Affairs Department must be notified by adding them into the calendar booking invitation when reserving the Auditorium.  The IT Department must also be notified if equipment such as microphones, projectors, LCD screens, etc. are to be used in the Auditorium or any other location.  The Athletics Director and PE Department must be notified when reserving the gym or field.  The Arts Department must be notified when reserving the Art Gallery.


All teachers are expected to turn off the lights and air conditioner in their classrooms each night.  Teachers are responsible for all furniture, computers, i-pads, and other items in their classrooms and may be responsible for paying for them if they are lost or damaged.  The classroom door should be locked at all times that an adult is not present in the room.  Teachers should lock up their valuables, as well as computer/i-Pad charging carts each night.  If a teacher needs a replacement key, he or she may go to the administrative office.  Teachers will be charged for the replacement of lost keys.

Maintenance Request Form


General classroom and office supplies are available to all staff and may be requested using the online Stationery Request Form.   Supplies will be available for pick up from the academic office within 48 hours but please plan ahead when placing your order in the event that a supply is out of stock.  Teachers should limit the amount of supplies they use and avoid waste.


Teacher workrooms are to be used by staff members only. The photocopiers and laminating machines are not to be operated by students.  All staff members are expected to be responsible in their consumption of materials and conserve wherever possible.  Use of the laminating machine should be limited and only for items that will be preserved for a long period of time (the film is not recyclable or biodegradable).  Waste paper should be recycled in the appropriate containers. Please remember to keep the teacher workroom neat and orderly at all times.  All personal items and rubbish should be cleared away before leaving the workroom.


Machines for printing and photocopying are available on each floor of the school buildings.  These machines are connected to individual teacher accounts and can be accessed remotely.  Please see the IT department to set up your printing account or to receive assistance.  Teachers are expected to limit the number of photocopies they make and avoid waste as printing and photocopying is a major expense for the school.  Color copies should only be made when necessary.  Default settings for all programs and printers should be set for “black and white.”  Teachers are encouraged to use digital resources in an effort to create a paperless environment whenever possible.

Requests for copying and laminating on a large-scale may be left in the academic office in the box identified as “TA requests” with the appropriate information identified on the accompanying tag.  This work requires a two day advance notice.


ISNS has two separate cafeterias – one for PYP and one for MYP/DP.  Teachers are welcome to eat in either cafeteria.  Lunches may also be ordered from the Aspretto Café in the school lobby. Staff ID cards double as a charge card for making purchase from the food service stations on campus.  Cards may be charged at the Aspretto Café.  All food services on campus are provided by the Sodexo corporation. Teachers, staff and administrators are encouraged to eat in the cafeteria with students even when they are not on a required duty.


Nursing service is provided by ISNS in the Early Years building on the first floor.  You can call (86717714) or go to get help at the nursing station during school hours from 8:00am to 5:00pm.


Staff and their guests are welcome to use the school facilities responsibly and with prior approval from the administrative office during off hours.  If air conditioning or heat is needed in a venue such as the Gym, Library or Auditorium, a request must be submitted beforehand to the General Affairs department.

Staff are expected to clean up after themselves and return the facility to its proper condition after use.

A name-list of any visitors must be submitted ahead of time to the administrative office so that the guards know who to allow on campus. The visitor’s list needs to include the visitor’s name, phone number, passport or ID number, and the person responsible for this visitor while the visitor is on campus (we shall call this person the “host”).  The host needs to be a staff member of ISNS.  The host cannot be another visitor.  If a visitor is found to have done something to damage the school property or mistreated staff, we will hold that visitor responsible.  If that visitor cannot be found, the host for that visitor will be held responsible.  That visitor will then be blacklisted and not allowed on campus in the future.  All visitors must behave politely and properly.  Absolutely no violence is allowed on campus.

Third party vendors who are paid to provide services for staff (such as Yoga instructors) must receive prior approval from the Administrative office and provide proper identification.  In such cases, the Administrative office may require a contractual agreement to be signed by the service provider before they are permitted to conduct business on campus.