Appliances and Room Furnishings

Appliances and Room Furnishings

ISNS apartments are fully furnished.  A list of items provided can be found on the Residence Room Check-list.  Appliances and furniture are not to be removed from apartments.  All residents are responsible for returning the room to its original condition and arrangement prior to vacating the room.  Residents must pay for any missing items or items that are damaged beyond normal wear and tear.

Hanging Wall Decoration or Fixtures

Drilling or hammering screws or nails into the concrete walls is discouraged.  Any damage to walls caused by hanging items must be paid for by the employee.


There is no extra storage space available in the residence.  Please do not bring more personal property than you can keep within your room. Personal items must not be kept in hallways or public spaces at anytime.  Summer storage in your room is available for returning teachers only.  Scooters storage and bicycle storage is available in basement parking area.


Beds in the residence are built with ample storage beneath.

Electrical Appliances

Residents should remember to turn off all air conditioners, TVs and electronics before leaving the room.  Residents should refrain as well from leaving windows and doors open while air conditioners are turned on.  Also be aware that leaving balcony doors open at night time will welcome unwanted mosquitoes.  Please keep your air conditioner at a reasonable temperature as it is the biggest consumer of energy in the apartment.  Everyone has a utility allowance of 300RMB, which is enough for normal monthly utility usage.  Costs will be incurred by the resident if the allowance is exceeded due to excessive usage.  Air conditioners will be cleaned twice per year.

Please be aware that Shenzhen’s climate is extremely humid, especially in the summer time and this can cause mold to spring up quickly.  Do not run air conditioners on cool throughout the day as this can cause moisture to condense on the ceiling or walls of apartments around you.  The best way to avoid mold is to run the air conditioner on the “dehumidify” or dry mode at a reasonable temperature (not too cool).  Mold primarily depends on moisture to grow so keeping the humidity under control is the best preventative measure.

Air-Conditioning Remote Control Instructions

Step 1: Press 5) ON/OFF, to turn on the air-conditioner.
Step 2: Press 6) MODE, and choose 1) AUTO, 2) COOL, 3) DRY,  4) HEAT.  An arrow on the left will point to the one selected.
Step 3: Press 7) FAN SPEED, and choose the desired speed level.  The bar indicator at the top of the screen will show the level.
Step 4: If you want to regulate the temperature, press 8) UP TEMP or 9) DOWN TEMP.  The temperature setting will display on the screen.
Step 5: Press 5) ON/OFF again, to turn off the air-conditioner.


If you want to use timer to have your air-conditioner automatically turn-off, press 10) TIMER, then press 9) DOWN TEMP or 8) UP TEMP, to choose how many hours you would like the air-conditioner to run for before being automatically turned off.


If your room has sustained damage beyond the usual wear and tear, the cost for repairs and/or replacement will be charged to you. The cost will be deducted from your final paycheck if you choose not to pay in cash.

Below is a list of charges for items provided in ISNS apartments (not all items listed are in every room).

***Please note that the items and prices are subject to change and labor and materials may be added as an additional charge for any of the damaged property***  

Replacement Cost List
Exterior Door Lock Set RMB100
Door Defacement (inside/out) RMB400
Exterior Door RMB1000
Small Wardrobe RMB500
Large Wardrobe RMB1000
Overhead Light Fixtures RMB100
Painting (Single Room) RMB1000
Plaster/Wall Repair (depending on damage) RMB600
Television RMB2300
Television Remote Control RMB60
Small Television Stand RMB280
Large Television Stand RMB680
Cable Box and Card RMB600
Telephone/Internet Jack RMB50
Coffee Machine RMB300
Small Sofa RMB500
Large Sofa RMB1050
Coffee Table RMB300
Iron RMB130
Ironing Board RMB60
Toaster RMB230
Small Refrigerator RMB800
Large Refrigerator RMB1200
Water Dispenser RMB110
Air Conditioner Unit RMB2300
Air Conditioner Remote RMB60
Interior/Bathroom Door RMB400
Shower Fixtures RMB100
Sink RMB400
Mirror RMB100
Faucets RMB80
Toilet Tank and Bowl RMB700
Toilet Seat Cover RMB100
Water Bucket RMB30
Desk and Bookshelf Set RMB560
Small Bed Frame RMB800
Large Bed Frame RMB1000
Small Mattress RMB400
Large Mattress RMB600
Mattress Pad RMB60
Curtain Set RMB600
Chair RMB90
Sliding Glass Door RMB1000
Microwave RMB500
Nightstand RMB150
Chest of Drawers RMB400
Glass-top Patio Table Set RMB500
Bedding Set RMB250