Laundry Areas

There are six front loaded laundry machines available on each floor.  As these are used by all residents, it is very important that everyone use them respectfully:

  • Be respectful and unload your laundry as soon as possible after the cycle is complete. There are others waiting to use the machine.  Do not be offended if someone removes your clothing from a machine if it is left sitting there.
  • Leave the machine clean. Be sure nothing is left in the drum after use.  Items (coins, tissue, etc.) in the groove of the rubber ring around the portal can block drainage – if an alarm sounds and the machine stops – check there first.
  • Do not leave your laundry supplies in the common laundry area. Leaving items on the tops of the machines can cause an inconvenience to others.
  • Refer to the posted instructions on how to use the washing machine properly.  The center groove in the pullout tray is for fabric softener.  The outer two grooves are for laundry detergent.  Liquid laundry detergent provides the best results.
  • If a machine is broken, please unplug it an drape the cord over the top of the machine then notify General Affairs.
  • Machines are checked, cleaned and maintained on a regular basis (usually once per week).

Drying Racks

Drying racks are located on the balcony of each apartment.  These are operated with a removable rotary handle.  Please be careful when using the drying rack in order to avoid damage.  Residents should secure items on the racks so they do not blow off the balcony.