Residence Policies

Residence Policies

As a resident you are a guest in our community, and we expect you to act responsibly and appropriately at all times. It is very important for residents to remember that they live on campus where students my be present at any time.  As responsible adults and members of the ISNS faculty, we expect all residents to maintain a professional image at all times while on campus grounds.

Patio Gardens and Rooftop Spaces

Guidelines for proper use of these areas will be developed by the staff collectively.  Please maintain these common areas appropriately and adhere to guidelines for respectful behavior when using the common area.  Children under the age of 12 are not be allowed onto the rooftop patio areas on the 8th and 9th floors without adult supervision.


Residents are required to abide by all national and local laws as well as the regulations and policies of ISNS regarding the purchase, use and distribution of alcoholic beverages.  ISNS teachers and staff members may possess and consume alcohol within the privacy of their own rooms or shared patio in accordance with the following rules (unless otherwise directed by administration):

  • Open containers of alcoholic beverages are prohibited in student areas.
  • Teachers who bring alcoholic beverages into the residence are responsible for its legal use. This includes taking reasonable precautions to prevent the possession of alcoholic beverages by underage students and visitors.
  • Alcoholic beverages may not be sold or distributed by a resident or guest in ISNS.

Noise, Amplified Sound & Musical Instruments

You live in a community where it is essential to respect your neighbors.  We want to provide residents with an atmosphere where they can feel comfortable and rest as needed.  Please keep sound levels low within your room and comply with requests from your neighbors or the ISNS staff to reduce intrusive noise levels. Courtesy is always an effective policy.  Quiet hours, when noise should be kept to a minimum to allow work, relaxation and sleep, are in effect Sunday through Thursday from 9:00pm to 8:00am as well as Friday and Saturday from 12:00am to 8:00am. Please respect your neighbor’s right to peace and quiet.

Parties and Social Gatherings

It is best that any events, social gatherings or parties be held in the patio areas, especially those involving the consumption of alcohol or larger groups of people. We understand that it can be difficult to control noise levels in these situations but we urge that you please use common courtesy and maintain any music or noise at a controlled level. Gatherings on campus are for residents and school employees, and pre-­approved guests. To invite outside guests, please contact Head of School or designate for approval. Any gatherings inside of individual rooms must be contained within the room and should not disturb any of the other residents.


Smoking is not permitted in apartments or anywhere on campus. In the event that a resident is caught smoking on campus, appropriate disciplinary action will be taken.


Residents are required to abide by all national and local laws as well as all regulations and policies of ISNS, regarding the purchase, use and distribution of controlled substances.

Any illegal substance is strictly prohibited on campus. If we find any resident or visitor to a residence room to be in possession of or using, selling or distributing narcotics or any other controlled substances, (or in the case of prescription drugs, without a valid prescription) within any residence, we will contact the Shenzhen Police Department. Your employment contract will be immediately terminated, all monies forfeited and you will be required to vacate the premises.

Fireworks, Firearms and Explosives

Fireworks, firearms, paintball guns, bow and arrows, ammunition, gasoline and other combustible or explosive items are strictly prohibited in the residence building. If any such items are discovered, appropriate disciplinary action will be taken and local authorities may be contacted.

Scooters and Bicycles

Scooters and bicycles must be parked in the parking area located under the center of campus.  Scooters and bicycles should not be stored in the hallways or lobby of the residence building. Do not park any vehicles in the fire lane or walking paths on campus.  You are not permitted to ride scooters and bicycles anywhere on campus grounds other than the roadway.  Parents are responsible for making sure their children follow these policies.

Open Flames

Portable BBQ grills and other cooking implements that contain open flames are not permitted to be used in residence apartments or on apartment balconies.

Gas powered heaters are not permitted in the residence.

Candles, oil lamps, incense and similar items should be used with care and never left burning if you are not at home and awake.

Fire Equipment

Tampering with fire equipment such as fire alarms, fire extinguishers, fire hoses, exit signs and common area smoke detectors is prohibited.  Any action by a resident that damages or interferes with such equipment and places other residents at risk will result in the violator being held responsible both legally and for all costs associated.  Additionally, the violator will be subject to disciplinary action taken by ISNS and/or legal authorities.

Violations include, but are not limited to:

  • Removing a fire extinguisher from its prescribed location
  • Discharging a fire extinguisher for any purpose other than putting out a fire
  • Setting off false alarms

Health and Safety

Residents are responsible for maintaining a reasonable level of cleanliness in their apartment and the building. Residents should keep food refrigerated or in appropriate storage containers.  The bathroom and kitchen should be cleaned regularly to avoid the spread of germs.  Dishes should be washed promptly and trash should be disposed of regularly.  Two large containers for trash disposal are available per floor – one in each of the stairwell landings.  In general, residents should be conscious of and take action to prevent pests from entering the building.

ISNS reserves the right to enter apartments to inspect and assess health and safety conditions if misuse of the property is suspected.  Residents will be notified of such an inspection at least 24 hours in advance, but may not be notified of the exact time of inspection.

In the event that adequate health and safety standards are not maintained and the condition of the room is considered unhygienic, ISNS will issue a warning to the resident notifying them of the problem.  Depending on the hazard level, the resident will be given 24 hours to correct the situation.  If, upon re-­inspection, the room still does not meet appropriate standards, the resident may be fined, face probation sanctions and/or be evicted.


No pets of any kind are permitted in your room or on school grounds at any time.

Restricted Areas

Residents are strictly prohibited from going into electrical closets and maintenance storage areas.

Solicitation and/or Business

It is prohibited to conduct any business or commercial enterprise from the building. You are prohibited from unauthorized solicitation, membership recruitment, subscription gathering, polling, posting, placing materials underneath doors, canvassing, commercial sale of products, services, or ticket sales in the residence. Under no circumstances is prostitution or escort services permitted in the residences at anytime.


Playing any sport in the hallways or common areas is strictly prohibited. Please take all Frisbees, footballs, etc. to the open areas of the campus. 

Fitness Room

Faculty members are welcome to use the fitness room at anytime as long as it does not interfere with PE classes or school athletics.  The fitness room is available for use at your own risk.  ISNS is not responsible for any injury or accident that results from use of the fitness equipment.  Only adults (18 and over) are allowed in the gym after 4:30pm and on weekends.  Children of residents who are 16 and older can use the fitness room up until 4:30pm on weekdays.  Children 15 and under should only use it during class time while supervised by a teacher.  Parents should not bring their children with them to play in the fitness room while they exercise.  The lights and air conditioning should always be turned off after use.  


Violations and Disciplinary Procedures

In the event of any violations of the rules and regulations for the teacher’s residences, the following process will be followed, although steps may be omitted depending upon the severity of the violation.

Level 1: Initial Warning Letter will be issued

Level 2: Final Warning Letter will be issued

Level 3: Penalty of 500RMB will be levied in addition to any cost incurred by the violation

Level 4: Penalty of 1,000RMB will be levied in addition to any cost incurred by the violation

Level 5: Resident will not be allowed to live in the residences provided by the school and will be asked to seek housing themselves for the rest of the school year. No reimbursement will be given.

Further disciplinary action may also be taken and can include: a letter of reprimand, a negative referral provided to future employers, garnishment of wages, termination of employment or referral to legal authorities.