Emergency Information and Elevator Safety

Medical Emergency Information

  • Call 120 to request an ambulance.
  • The security guards can also help with getting an ambulance if necessary.
  • Note: It may be faster to take a Didi/taxi rather than calling an ambulance.
  • Additionally, you may simply walk across the street to Hyzen hospital.
  • If the emergency occurs during school hours, the nurses can assist.

If possible, contact the insurance company to alert them of the need for medical care before getting treatment. Their contact number is located on your insurance card or you may use their app. Our insurance generally covers costs through direct billing but in certain cases the hospital may need pre-approval or may request funds up front. The insurance company will be able to help best if notified in advance. The HR Team can provide assistance with insurance claims during working hours if needed. Be sure to keep an emergency cash fund or credit card available to all members of your family if you need to pay for a medical emergency up front.

Please notify the Head of School of all medical emergencies.

Fire Emergency Information

ISNS buildings have a fire warning system and our security staff are also trained firefighting personnel. During the course of the year, there will be fire drills performed regularly in accordance with Shenzhen regulations. In the event of a fire drill, all residents must follow all instructions given by the emergency staff through the announcement system.

Floor plans and diagrams for emergency staircases and exits are posted in public areas. Residents should familiarize themselves with these maps to be able to exit promptly during fire drills or actual emergencies.

If a fire alarm sounds or in the event of a fire or other emergency, act promptly for the safety of all residents by doing the following:

  • Notify the security guard team immediately by calling 0755-2641-7163. The guards will recognize the word “FIRE.”  Try to explain where the fire is located as best you can (learn your own floor number in Chinese).  The guards will contact the fire department or emergency services at 119 if necessary.  You may also push the nearest fire alarm button.
  • Do not try to fight a fire unless you are sure you can contain it quickly and safely. Fire extinguishers are located on each floor in the hallways.
  • All persons are to vacate the building immediately.
  • Before exiting your room, first feel your room door and door handle for heat. If they are not hot, open the door slightly and check the hallway for smoke, heat or fire.
  • Do not use the elevators. (If stuck in the elevator, the emergency button links directly to the Security Guards office.)
  • Alert other people by knocking on their doors or yelling on your way out.
  • Use the nearest stairway to exit following the prescribed route if possible.
  • Assemble on the track & field.
  • Wait until the appropriate officials indicate that you can re-enter the building.

If you cannot safely exit your room or building:

  • Call the security guard team at 0755-2641-7163 and provide them with appropriate information (name, location, etc.).
  • Listen to instructions provided by the safety personnel unless conditions are too dangerous to do as they describe.
  • If you are unable to safely leave your room, seal the floor in your room with wet towels or sheets and seal air ducts or other openings where smoke may enter.
  • You can open a window a few inches unless flames and smoke are coming from below.
  • Do not break any windows.
  • Open a window and wave a towel or sheet to attract the attention of firefighters.
  • If smoke conditions worsen before help arrives, get down on the floor and take short breaths through your nose.

Keep in mind it is a violation of Chinese law to make a false alarm.

Due to fire regulations and safety, hallways must remain free of personal items, especially large objects.   Placing a small shoe rack in the hallway outside your door is acceptable.

Elevator Safety

To guarantee the safety of passengers and normal operation of the elevator, please follow these rules:

  • Please do not overload the elevator.
  • Please use the “open” button to hold a door open rather than putting your hands, body or other objects between the doors.
  • Never try to force the doors opened. Call for help if the doors do not open.
  • Never use the elevator in the event of fire, earthquake or other disaster.
  • Never carry dangerous materials that are flammable, explosive or corrosive into the elevator.
  • Children under the age of 12 must be accompanied by an adult in the elevator.

In the event of an emergency while using the elevator:

  • Please stay calm. The elevator is not air-tight so that there will always be sufficient air.
  • Push the alarm button (yellow) or call the emergency helpline number:0755-26417163 to contact maintenance personnel.
  • Never attempt to open the elevator door by force or exit if the doors are not aligned properly with a floor.
  • If the elevator drops uncontrollably, push all floor numbers as quickly as possible.