Cleaning and Maintenance

Cleaning and Maintenance

For the general health and safety of all, residents are expected to keep their apartments and the common areas clean and tidy.  There are guidelines posted in the common areas for expectations of cleanliness.  Generally “leave it cleaner than you found it” is the overall expectation.

Please keep in mind that duties of the cleaning staff are limited to the shared areas and hallways, unless you pay for additional cleaning services for your apartment.

Service Providers for Cleaning or Maintenance:

ISNS has employed a staff member who will provide cleaning services for apartments.  The cost for cleaning is 50RMB for a studio, 75RMB for a one bedroom and 100RMB for a two bedroom.  Details can be obtained through the General Affairs Office.

Cleaning or other service providers from outside the ISNS organization are not permitted to enter the campus during school hours (8:00am to 4:00pm).  Service providers who enter campus regularly must fill out a liability waiver, provide a copy of their national ID card and present a recent criminal background check (completed within the six months).  The owner of the apartment for which they are visiting must supervise outside service providers at all times while they are on campus.  Please use care when choosing service providers as there are many disreputable ones around.  It is best to use a company that is bonded and insured.  Any issues or expenses that may arise regarding a cleaning staff hired by a teacher are the sole responsibility of the teacher.

For your safety reasons, do not try to clean the outside surface of your balcony areas.

General maintenance and routine repairs that are commonly expected of a landlord are performed without charge, unless the damage has been caused by extreme negligence or intentionally by the resident.

We encourage you to report damage immediately upon discovery. If you neglect to report a problem (leaky faucet, water damage, etc.) it could result in further damage.

Emergency repairs include major leaks and flooding, inoperative door locks and any problem that endangers property or safety.  In case of an emergency, contact the General Affairs office during school hours (8:00am to 5:00pm) and security guards after hours.

If you would like additional work or service to your apartment that is voluntary and not considered routine maintenance, the GA team has a list of items and the cost of each.  Such additional services may included hanging pictures, installing a custom chandelier, repairing equipment purchased by the resident or assembling furniture purchased by the resident.

Residents are responsible for returning their rooms in the same condition as when they first moved in. Please keep to a minimum any paint, alterations, nails, screws, hooks and sticky substances on walls. You will be responsible for any such alterations or damage to the room beyond normal wear and tear.

For ease of communication, a list of possible maintenance problems has been compiled below with the corresponding Chinese translations:

Potential Maintenance Problems Requiring Repair:

I lost my key. 我掉了我的钥匙。
My key broke in my lock. 我的钥匙在我的锁里坏了。
My key will not work. 我的钥匙使用不了。
My toilet is plugged. 我的厕所塞住了。
My shower drain is plugged. 我的浴室下水道塞住了。
My sink is plugged. 我的水槽塞住了。
I have no electricity in my apartment. 我的卧室没有电。
My electrical outlet is not working. 我的电源插座使用不了。
My light has burned out and I need a bulb replaced. 我的电灯烧坏了,我需要替换的灯泡。
The glass in my shower has broken. 我的浴室的玻璃坏掉了。
My water does not get hot. 我的卧室的水热不起来。
My refrigerator is not staying cold. 我的电冰箱不能保持冷冻。
My AC is not working. 我的空调不能正常运行。
There are bugs in my apartment. 我的卧室里有虫子。
The elevator is not working. 电梯不能正常运行。
My microwave is not working. 我的微波炉不能正常运行。
My coffee pot is broken. 我的咖啡壶坏掉了。
There’s a burning electrical smell in my apartment. 我的卧室里有电器烧焦的味道。
There’s a broken tile in my apartment. 我的卧室里有破掉的砖地。
The fan in my kitchen is not working. 我的厨房的风扇不能正常运行。
Washing machine is not working. 洗衣机不能正常运行。