Contract Renewal

The academic administration will follow a set procedure and timeline for conducting contract renewals.  The following is a description of the process.  Dates are subject to change from year to year.

September 30 – Classroom observations completed for teachers up for contract renewal.

September 30 – Letters informing intent to renew or not renew contracts are presented to each faculty member by his/her immediate supervisor (discussions with your supervisor should happen regularly so it is not a surprise).

By October 13 – Faculty who have been invited to renew their contracts must return their letter stating their desire to receive a contract for 2020-21 and beyond.

October 13 – Known vacancies are posted for internal applicants (some positions may also be posted externally).

November 1 – Contracts are given out to faculty.

By November 11 – Faculty return signed contracts to supervisors.  Any breach of contract after this date will result in a 15,000RMB penalty as per the contract.

November 11 – Known vacancies are posted for external applicants.

By December 16 – School provides a copy of the contract signed by the Executive Director.