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PYP ManageBac Protocols

Purpose of this protocol: To outline expectations related to use of ManageBac.

What is ManageBac?

ManageBac is the online platform used to develop our school’s curriculum. It is a system used for planning, assessing and reporting. We also use ManageBac for attendance and tracking student behaviour.

ManageBac allows each stakeholder to understand:

  • What is being taught (unit plans)
  • What learning is being asked for (assessment tasks)
  • When the assessment tasks are due (deadlines)
  • Summaries of performance (reports)

A Summary of how Stakeholder Groups are to use ManageBac:

Parents should use ManageBac to:

  1. Update their contact information (email, phone number, etc.).
  2. Communicate with school when their child will be absent (attendance feature).
  3. Access the school’s curriculum.
  4. Access their child’s report card.

Teachers are expected to use ManageBac for:

  1. Curriculum planning
  2. The repository for all units of work, developed in conjunction with programme coordinator and team members.
  3. An online forum for the posting of resources that support learning.
  4. The place to post assessment tasks and assessment tools in conjunction with the due date.
  5. The place to complete report cards.
  6. The place where student-initiated action will be documented.
  7. To track student attendance and behavior.
  8. To access parent information for communication.
  9. All members of the team are responsible for contributing to the planner and curriculum development. This includes EAL teachers and any other single-subject teachers integrating in the unit.

Teaching Responsibilities in Detail

For the system to operate well, it is vital that the teaching and leadership team agrees to, and follows, a set of guidelines as follows:

Accuracy and Professionalism

  • Teachers are expected to ensure that data is accurate and up to date at all times. Teachers are expected to pay particular attention to due dates and areas of curriculum development they are responsible for.
  • Teachers and leadership are expected to maintain high professional standards in their writing and remember that ManageBac is a document read by students, parents, other staff and accrediting bodies.

Unit Planning Expectations in ManageBac & Curriculum Planning

  • One week prior to the unit of inquiry beginning, teachers are responsible for ensuring boxes 1, 2 and 3 are completed and updated.
  • The relevant standards should be chosen in the drop down scope and sequence provided on the Manage Bac interface.
  • Box 4 (learning experiences) should be planned and documented authentically as the unit unfolds depending on student questions and New Brunswick Curriculum standards.
  • Beginning of the unit of inquiry, teachers are responsible for communicating to parents regarding the current unit of inquiry.
  • Throughout the unit of inquiry, it is essential that classroom practices reflect what is documented on the planner.
  • Planner needs to be updated weekly. It is the team’s responsibility to ensure this is completed and kept up to date.
  • Mid-unit reflection needs to be documented in the planner around week 3 and consequently week 5.
  • End of the unit of inquiry, all teachers, which includes the single subjects and/or specialist teachers, should document the unit reflections in boxes 6 to 8 of the planner.
  • In box 9 Teacher notes, ensure any changes for consideration are documented in that section.
  • Within two weeks after the unit of inquiry ends, teachers are responsible for reviewing the planner using the end-of-unit checklist.

Assessment Expectations for the Setting of Assessments in ManageBac

Assessments are posted within ManageBac. For the purposes of clarity this document draws a distinction between summative assessments and formative assessments.

  • Formative Assessments – These are assessment tasks and activities that monitor student learning through the lines of inquiry to provide ongoing feedback that can be used by teachers to improve teaching and by students to improve their learning. Formative assessment data may be used to inform a final grade along with summative assessment data in Math and Literacy.
  • For the units of inquiry, since it is conceptual and we assess students overall understanding, the formative assessments will be taken into consideration with the summative assessments to inform a final grade.
  • If specialists integrate, all of their learning experiences, questions and assessments should be documented on ManageBac in the relevant boxes for each of these sections (This is key because single subjects share these planners and their documentation needs to be here as well.).
  • Summative Assessments – These are assessment tasks and activities that aim to evaluate learning at the end of a unit. It is largely from these summative assessments that report grades are based.

To be balanced in our assessment practices throughout a unit of inquiry, teachers are responsible for assessing the 5 Essential Elements of the PYP (Knowledge, Concepts, Skills, Attitudes, Action).

For both formative and summative assessments, clear deadlines need to be determined and communicated on ManageBac. These are given to ensure that students have sufficient time to complete the task and to allow parents to support their children in keeping organized. Clear expectations for the assessment tasks must be communicated and documented on the planner as well.

MYP/DP ManageBac & OneNote Protocols

The protocols outlined below explain in detail the expectations related to the use of ManageBac and OneNote in the MYP and the DP at ISNS.

ManageBac 1

The protocols in this document outline:

  • How stakeholder groups are to use ManageBac & OneNote
  • ManageBac expectations for unit planning
  • ManageBac expectations for summative assessments
  • ManageBac expectations for formative assessments
  • General checklists for ManageBac & OneNote

How Stakeholder Groups Are to Use ManageBac & OneNote:

ManageBac 2.png

ManageBac Expectations: Summative Assessment Tasks

Managebac 3

ManageBac Expectations: Unit Planning

ManageBac 4

Summary Checklist for ManageBack and OneNote

General Checklist for ManagBac and OneNote