Academic Organizational Structure

Then organizational structure determines who each individual in the organization reports to and is supervised by.

Faculty and Staff Directory

PYP Support Structure

MYP/DP Support Structure

Follow this link for a list of Roles and Responsibilities and common ISNS Terminology.

Flow Chart for Positive Problem Solving

Lines of Communication

Information should be passed and issues should discussed following the lines of the organizational chart.  Communication should flow up and down the organizational structure in sequence.

The first point of contact for teachers when communicating should be the teacher’s Team Lead or Department Head.

The second point of contact, if the Team Lead or Department Head is not be able to provide the information or resolve the issue, is the relevant IB Coordinator.  The Coordinator is the main point of contact for curricular and IB issues.

The third point of contact is the Principal or Director of Program Development.

The fourth point of contact is the Head of School.

Issues that are non-academic in nature, such as a cleaning or repair problem, should be directed to the appropriate Operations Department.  The Head of School will help to resolve any issues involving the Operations Team.

All Operations Staff are responsible to the Director of Operations and Finance.