Professional Dress

Attire that is suitable to a professional environment is to be worn during working hours.  Teachers are a role model for students and should dress accordingly.  At ISNS we want to teach our students how to present themselves in a professional setting and we do this by example.

General guidelines for professional attire are as follows:


  • A dress shirt with a collar (long or short-sleeved is acceptable), generally with buttons. Certain tops or blouses for woman may not have a collar but are acceptable if they cover the shoulders and complete torso.  Shirt tucked in.
  • Long pants, slacks, trousers or an appropriate-length skirt or dress. (Appropriate length means the skirt is not shorter than the finger tips when your arm is fully extended at your side.)
  • Dressy shoes that are clean and professional.  Shoes that cover the toes are preferable.  Socks should be worn with most styles of professional shoes.

Not appropriate:

  • T-shirts or casual tops
  • Worn or ragged clothes with holes
  • Tight, revealing or see-through outfits (undergarments should not be visible – midriff, buttocks, breasts and pubic areas should be fully covered)
  • Beach or thong-style sandals
  • Casual sneakers, tennis or running shoes
  • Halter tops, spaghetti straps or open front dresses
  • Jeans/jean skirts
  • Shorts
  • Pajamas or sleepwear
  • Jogging pants, sweat pants or yoga pants

Spirit Days:

Fridays (with the exception of certain days when there is a formal event) will be designated by the academic administration as Spirit Days.   Teachers and staff may wear an ISNS top and neat looking jeans or pants on Spirit Days.  No shorts or casual bottoms should be worn.

Official ISNS PE uniforms are expected to be worn by PE specialists.

Suitable clothing that does not fit the above prescriptions can be worn as appropriate for field trips, special activities and events.

Overall, teachers should maintain an appearance that is neat and well-groomed.  Facial hair should be kept trimmed and tidy looking.  Tattoos should be covered whenever possible.  Inappropriate tattoos or messages on clothing are not acceptable.

Please remember that the ISNS campus is a public space and as such, outside of one’s apartment, staff should dress in a manner consistent with cultural norms.