Purchasing Procedures and Budget Codes


Link to Purchase Request Form

Step 1:  Decide upon the item that needs to be purchased.  You need an exact description of the item.  A picture, website link or sample will be helpful.

Step 2:  Complete the online Purchase Request Form.   Your coordinator or department head can help you if you do not know what information to include on the form.  If you do not know the exact cost of the item, please discuss this with your coordinator or department head to come up with an estimate.

Step 3:  Your Principal, the Head of School and the Director of Operations will review your request and grant approval.  Please plan ahead!  An urgent request should be a rare occurrence!

Step 4:  The Academic Office tracks all purchases on the master budget record.  Department heads can check with the AO for to confirm the remaining balance of their budget.

Step 5:  The request is processed by GA, IT or ADMIN for purchasing.  They may contact the individual who made the request if they have any questions.  The item details and purchase price will be confirmed before purchasing.

Step 6:  The item is purchased (or not if not approved).  The status of a purchase request can be checked using the same link as was used to make the purchase.  (Purchase Request Form)

Step 7:  The item is received by the school.  The Academic Office will notify the individual who made the request.  Items may be picked up in the designated location.

Special Purchases:

Small personal purchases of less than 200RMB – These types of purchases still need approval beforehand. The teacher will be reimbursed out of the petty cash fund.  Reimbursements will only be made if a receipt and the correct Fapio is obtained.  All goods received need to be check in with the inventory officer and the receipt stamped by the finance department before the reimbursement can be made.

Follow this link to see samples of correct Fapios

Online resources or other items which require a credit card to purchase – After a purchase request form is submitted and approved, the Head of School will meet with the requesting teacher to make the purchase.

Textbooks – All textbook requests should include an ISBN number.  Purchase request forms should be sent to the designated principal.  A separate purchase request form should be used for textbooks to keep them separate when purchasing other items. Textbooks will be purchased through the school’s supplier.

Furniture and Building Needs – Teachers should file a request directly with their principal for furniture or building needs.  Orders are generally placed in bulk once per year and taken care of over the summer.

Sodexo Food – Teachers may request that food be prepared for special events by Sodexo.  A purchase request form should be filled out and submitted to the Academic Office.  The teacher should work with the Academic Assistants to make the order.

Professional Development – A PD request form needs to be filled out and submitted to the IB Director.  The IB Director will take over the process from there to complete the registrations

Flights and Hotels – The IB Director or Principals will work with the Academic Office to make bookings that are satisfactory and cost effective.  Teachers will be assigned two persons to a room when on school business with other teachers of the same gender.

CAS – The CAS coordinator will work with the Academic Office to take care of all CAS related expenses.

Field Trips (EOTC) – Teachers must plan and organize field trips for their grade levels. They should work with the Academic Office to book transportation, and cover expenses.


Every academic department is allotted a budget for the academic year.  Department Heads and Leaders are responsible for ensuring that budgets are managed effectively.  All items purchased are recorded in the administrative office and monthly reports will be issued to those responsible for each budget.