Probationary Period

All employees new to ISNS are on probation for a period of six months.  During the probationary period, an employee can be dismissed from their post without reason or cause.  However, ISNS strives to create a caring and professional environment and therefore will adhere to the following procedure whenever possible in order to confirm or dismiss employees on probation.

  1. For teachers, three formal classroom observation will be conducted by different supervisors (GLL, HOD, Coordinator, Principal or Head of School) during the six-month probationary period.
  2. For non-teaching staff such as counselors, coordinators and administrators, a formal review of the individual’s professional practices will be conducted by the Principal or Head of School based upon the criteria outlined in the employee’s job description.
  3. If any problems are observed regarding the employee’s job performance or professionalism, the employee will be provided with a clear description of the problem, the expectations he or she is required to meet, and a reasonable deadline to improve (unless, of course, there is a significant issue such as abuse of a child which warrants immediate dismissal in accordance with the teacher code of conduct).
  4. If the employee does not show satisfactory improvement as prescribed, the employee’s contract may be terminated on or before the end of the probationary period.
  5. All employees on probation will be notified in writing whether or not they have passed the probation period successfully at the end of the six months.