Athletics, Extra Curricular Activities and Special Events

All teachers are expected to contribute to school events, activities and athletics in order to help facilitate student growth.  At ISNS, we want to foster a dynamic community which offers students a multitude of extracurricular activities and athletics to participate in.

At the start of each academic year, teachers will have the opportunity to sign-up for the activity or athletic program they would like to lead.  At minimum, teachers must be involved in one of the following throughout the year:

  • The leadership of an extracurricular activity or club throughout the year, or
  • The coaching of one sport for a season

Guidelines for meeting the contractual obligation for leading an activity:

  1. The general guideline for time commitment is 50 minutes per week of direct student contact throughout the entire academic year, or some combination of time periods that is equivalent.  Coaching several days per week for 1.5 hours per day for one season meets the minimum requirement since the time adds up to roughly the same.  Most activities will go over this minimum. The time needed for different activities is going to be different so we are never going to have a system where everyone’s commitment is exactly equal.  Those who go above and beyond the call of duty don’t go unnoticed and this will be considered when it comes time for promotions and recommendations.
  2. The general guideline for the minimum number of students should be 10 per teacher (if you are partnered up with someone, then you should expect 20 students, etc.).  If you wish to run a special activity that for some reason cannot meet this minimum, please contact your principal for approval.  The more students you can accommodate in your activity, the better.  Activities are in high demand and many students want to participate in them.
  3. The activity you lead should be valuable to the students’ growth, appropriate to the age of the students involved and in line with the school’s mission.
  4. The activity must involve active participation by you as the leader.  Passively sitting and watching students read or do homework, for example, is not what we are looking for in an activity.

Your principal will be keeping a record of the activity/activities that you are committed to leading.  You are always welcome to lead more than one! 

Please note that students must have filled out a permission form in order to participate activities and events after school hours or off campus.  It is the responsibility of the teacher organizing the team, club or activity to obtain all relevant documents, including emergency contacts and student health information in order for students to take part.   ISNS utilizes a year-long permission form that will cover all such activities throughout the academic year, so permission forms specific to the activity are not needed.  However, it is the responsibility of the coach, club or activity leader to communicate with parents with appropriate information regarding the activity.

Coaches Handbook

The following clubs, activities and athletic teams are generally scheduled each academic year but you may also create your own club or activity:


Year-long Clubs and Activities
Drama Club
Cooking Club
PYP Ambassadors
Peer Mentors
Student Council (SRC)
Model UN
Chinese Ensemble
Art Enrichment Club (G1-2)
Art Enrichment Club (G3-5)
Art Enrichment Club (G6-12)
Beginner Band (G3-5)
Intermediate Band (G4-6)
Concert Band (G5-12)
Stage Band (G6-12)
Junior Choir (G1-2)
Intermediate Choir (G3-5)
Senior Choir (G5-12)
Dance Club (G1-2)
Dance Club (G4+)
Math Club
Survival Mandarin Club
French Club and Committee
EAL Computer Games Club
Robotics Clubs
Computer Animation / Game Art and Design for VR


Middle School Teams
Boys Soccer
Girls Soccer
Mixed Badminton
Boys Touch Rugby
Girls Touch Rugby
Boys Volleyball
Girls Volleyball
Boys Basketball
Girls Basketball
High School Teams
Boys Volleyball
Girls Volleyball
Boys Basketball
Girls Basketball
Boys Soccer
Girls Soccer
Mixed Badminton


Assemblies will be held regularly in the school auditorium. Assemblies will be led and directed by students whenever possible. Teachers should escort students to the assembly and supervise them through out.  If students are performing or being acknowledged at assembly, those students are welcome to invite guests if they inform the school administrative and teaching staff in advance.  The main objective of assemblies is to develop a sense of creativity, school spirit and connection among all school stakeholders.

In general, assemblies:

  • Showcase student talent, leadership, and initiatives
  • Celebrate student success
  • Inform the school community of important dates and issues


Different departments within the school will sponsor special events throughout the year. Teachers are encourage to support their fellow departments by volunteering when needed.

Special Events
New Teacher Orientation
Canadian Culture Week
Caring and Bullying AwarenessWeek
Fundraising for Charity Month
Math Week and Pi Day
University Fairs
Winter Concert
Global English Week
Chinese Culture Week
French Week
Science Fair
Earth Day
PYP, MYP and DP Project Exhibitions
Arts Week
Awards Ceremony
Children’s Day


Activities for Adults
Staff Social Committee
Culture Committee
Survival Mandarin Lessons
ISNS Faculty-Parents Committee