Children of Faculty on Campus

ISNS Parents who are members of the faculty are responsible for the supervision, safety and well-being of their own children at all times outside of the regular school day (School Hours are 7:45am to 4:00pm). 

Faculty-Parents must: 

  1. Ensure their child is supervised while on campus in a manner that is appropriate to the child’s age.  ISNS is not responsible for any injury or harm that may come to a child who is not supervised properly by his or her parent. 
  2. Ensure their child treats the school grounds and equipment with respect and care.  Parents will be held financially responsible for any damage caused by their child. 
  3. Ensure their child returns all equipment to its proper place after use each day.  The privilege of using school play equipment will be revoked if it is not cared for properly. 
  4. Ensure their child follows the rules of playground just as is expected during the school day. 
  5. Ensure their child is not disturbing other residents by screaming, shouting or making noise unnecessarily.  It is understood that kids need to let off steam and play freely, but please remind them to find a balance that is considerate to those around them. 
  6. Ensure their child does not approach their teachers to discuss school matters outside of school hours.  Nor should a faculty-parent approach their child’s teacher or the parent of their student to discuss school matters outside of school hours.  Faculty-parents should make an appointment to meet their child’s teacher during regular hours in the school building as any other parent would. 
  7. Ensures their child does not run or play in the hallways of the Residence. 
  8. Ensure their child follows all policies spelled out in the Residence Handbook. 
  9. Ensure their child does not enter the main school building or early years building after hours unless supervised by an adult or with prior written permission from the school administration to use a specific facility (see attached form below)Children should play outdoors in the play areas or in their residence room.  
  10. Ensure their child does not leave campus without their knowledge and/or permission.  The ISNS guards are not responsible for monitoring children nor keeping them inside the campus grounds. 
  11. Ensure their child is supervised during working hours in order to be fully present at workFacultyParents should not have their children with them in a parentrole during working hours.  When possible, the school will offer childcare for special events such as in-school PD.  Between the hours of 3:30pm and 4:00pm, faculty children who need supervision should go to the supervised play area.  A number of older students and spouses are willing to provide child care for a reasonable fee at other times. 

 Faculty-Parents who do not abide by these conditions will receive: 

  1. A verbal warning. 
  2. A written warning. 
  3. Notice asking them to relocate off of the campus. 


Older students may request permission to use facilities after hours.  The following form should be completed and a copy kept with the student while using the facilities.

Staff Children Facilities Permission Form