“Buy & Sell” and “Share Shelf”

A WeChat group, called “ISNS Buy and Sell,” has been created in which residents can post items that they would like to donate or sell to others. This is a space for residents to share items they would like to give away for free or to sell. To join the WeChat group you can post a request in the Residence group or ask another resident to add you.

Instructions for posting:

  • Post a photo of the object(s) you are giving away or sell.
  • Specify in the title what is being given away. 
  • If you need to get rid of the item by a certain date, please put an expiration date for the offer in parentheses after the title. 
  • Example Title: “Throw Pillow (12/5).” 

Note: ISNS formerly had a physical “Share Shelf” where teachers could leave donated items. This has been removed for safety and aesthetic reasons and has now become a part of the digital WeChat group.