Supervision Duty

Link to Duty Schedule 2022-23

All teachers will be assigned supervision duties in addition to their regular classroom teaching responsibilities.  A schedule and location of supervision duties will be provided by the school administration at the start of the school year.  Assignment of duties will be done in as equal and fair a manner as possible, while still ensuring the safety of students in all areas of the campus.  Teachers are responsible for arranging or switching coverage for their duty when they are absent for any reason.  Any permanent changes to duties must be agreed to by the administrators and the schedule updated accordingly.

While on duty, teachers are expected to be vigilant and attentive to students at all times, adhering to the following guidelines:

  • Be familiar with your area of supervision.
  • Be punctual for your supervision duty.
  • Be active in looking out for the safety of children.   Move and look about you at all times.
  • Refrain from chatting with other adults so that you don’t become distracted.
  • If students have a problem, they should feel comfortable approaching you for help. Interaction with students while on supervision duty not only helps build relationships, but also makes the duty time a lot more interesting!
  • While on duty you have the opportunity to help students grow in different ways from the classroom – teach students how to interact and speak with others in a social setting.
  • Students may only be in a classroom with appropriate supervision (i.e. teacher or TA present) during breaks and lunchtimes.
  • Students are to play in designated areas only – the front entrance areas, corridors, administrative areas, residence and parking areas are off limits as play zones.
  • Encourage students to be quiet in the school lobby and reception area as it is a quiet zone.
  • Students are not permitted to eat or drink anything but water outside of the cafeteria.
  • Be sure that any food or drink you consume while on duty is not a distraction or unsafe in any way (such as hot drinks that may spill).
  • Hats are encouraged to be worn outside during recess and lunch; students without hats should play in the shade.
  • Swearing, teasing and fighting should be addressed immediately.
  • Students should be encouraged to be fair when playing games, avoid rough play, and be inclusive of other students if they ask to join in.
  • Climbing on trees, fences, poles and other structures not designed for play is unsafe and therefore not allowed.
  • Expensive and violent-looking toys are not allowed in school.
  • Teachers on duty in the cafeteria need to make sure that students are responsible to clear their tables, and behave appropriately.
  • Students should be encouraged to get a drink or fill a water bottle and use the restroom before they move to their classrooms at the end of recess or lunch time.
  • Signal for students to go to their classrooms when there are 5 minutes left of the break or lunch period.