Restaurants and Food Delivery

Shenzhen has a number of traditional Chinese, Southeast Asian, as well as international restaurants.  In our neighborhood, there are Cantonese, Muslim, Japanese restaurants, and multiple street food vendors offering everything from dumplings to grilled meat. For larger selections, venture out into these areas: FangDa Town, Q-Plex, Sea World, Coco Park, OCT Bay, OCT Loft, Chegongmiao, ShuiWei, Oh Bay, and DongMen (East Gate). These trendy locations feature some of the hottest Asian and Western restaurants.

For a list of specific restaurants recommended by teachers, check out the link below.

You can get items delivered from most of the restaurants around the neighborhood and delivery range through two different apps: Mei-tuan (kangaroo logo) and E-le-ma (are you hungry). The biggest grocery store in our neighborhood is Hippo (owned by Alibaba), which quickly delivers groceries along with cooked food.