Living in Shenzhen

About Shenzhen:

Shenzhen is a “Tier 1” City in southern China. It is located just north of Hong Kong, on the Qianhai Bay not far from the South China Sea.

Population of 17.5 million.

Average age of residents is less than 30 years old.

Low cost of living:

  • 54% less than London
  • 32% less than Dubai
  • Same as Beijing but 19% less than Shanghai
  • 50% less than HK

Weather: Winters are mild and dry with average lows of 12 C in January, the coldest month of the year. The rainy season generally peaks from September to early October when the monsoon winds switch direction. Summers can be hot and very humid with average temperatures reaching well above 30 C from June to September.

Air Quality: Today, Shenzhen has transformed from its humble beginnings as a small fishing village and then unattractive factory town, into a model city. It is one of China’s cities with the lowest air pollution rate, as well as water and energy consumption, despite being also one of the wealthiest places.

So much to do!

  • Lots of world-class shopping.
  • A wide variety of restaurants with local and western cuisine
  • Many entertainment venues and spas.
  • Dameisha, Xiaomeisha and other beaches are nearby.
  • Numerous galleries, museums and a cultural folk village.
  • Creative and innovative architecture.
  • Incredible landscaping with parks, mountains and green space intertwined throughout the city.